Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I was not aware that Matt Drudge had taken over a major television broadcast network

Dear ABC News:

In case you haven't heard -- in the event that, despite being in the news business, you're not quite up to speed on current events -- our country is currently fighting two wars, is on the verge of a constitution crisis by virtue of the executive branch unilaterally deciding to contravene its coequal status and ignore virtually every constitutional and statutory restraint on its power, and is teetering on the edge of a disastrous economic meltdown with our currency at historic lows -- and falling -- against other world currencies and our energy costs and debt skyrocketing out of control -- in case you are not aware of these facts despite their daily appearance on front pages of newspapers across the country and the world day after day, you really should spend a bit of time investigating the matter.

Because, in light of these momentous ongoing events, your decision to spend the first 50+ minutes of tonight's presidential debate asking questions about lapel pins, pastors, bowling scores, and other nonsense, makes you, to be very charitable, appear rather foolish.


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Gleemonex said...

Hey, look over there! Britney's pregnant 17-year-old sister was photographed riding in an ATV, the reckless slut!