Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Having never set foot in Garland...

I can't personally attest to this, but I'm told it is somewhat of an armpit (to be generous with the use of my body-part-epithets). On the other hand, having spent rather a lot of time in Denton, and actually lived there for a time, I can say that that city, while not without its charms, isn't a particularly great place to live. Euless, I've been to. Blech. Hurst is much nicer, though definitely not what I'd call top quality.

Which is by way of saying: imagine my surprise in seeing this article, which tells me that Garland, Denton, and Euless are among the top 100 "Best places to live -- 2008", according to Money magazine. The DFW suburbaplex did astoundingly well, garnering no less than 10% of the spots on the list. Which means exactly nothing, because any such list which includes Carrollton and Lewisville but not Southlake or Colleyville is entirely, completely, 100% bogus and was self-evidently compiled in no part by anyone who has ever visited this little corner of the world.

But they do have a neat little interactive googlemap which I have excerpted in non-interactive form below:

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Gleemonex said...

Me either (re:Garland), but at least this provides a basis for comparison -- and I know I can abandon thoughts of moving to, say, Naperville, IL, based on these recs.