Monday, May 18, 2009

Religion Fail, ctd. -- batshit crazy wingnuts with nukes edition

UPDATED: now enhanced with actual link to the shit I was complaining about...

Whatever one might say about Obama (see below, for example), we can be reasonably certain we won't see any of this type of shit. (make sure to click through and see the slideshow -- prepare to be horrified, nauseous, and exultant, all at the same time.)

I think we were all pretty sure that, at some level, the Bushies saw the Iraq conflict, and the GWOT more generally, as a mandate from The Lord to bring the souls of those dirty Muzzlums to Jesus Christ, but I confess to being surprised that they were ever quite this upfront about it, even amongst themselves in private.

I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that the United States under the Bush Administration had quite a lot in common with the Taliban and other religious fanatics against whom we were struggling.* The main difference, being, of course, the ability to project devastating military power into any corner of the globe.

*But just to be clear, I do remember September 11, and there's no question that we were justified in going after the evil bastards who did that to us; it's just that many of the things that were done afterward, in service of "bringing them to justice" (kidnapping, torture, indiscriminate slaughter of innocents, adoption of dictatorial policies, and invasion, occupation, and wholesale destruction of a country with no connection to the original crime) are so appalling, so contrary to what this country stands for, that it is becoming harder and harder to dispute, with no reservations, that we may in fact have come to resemble the terrible, imperialistic, hegemonic power we were portrayed to be by those same evil bastards -- in other words, though they may have been wrong then, can we say with certainty that they aren't right now?


Gleemonex said...

You know, I've been sayin this for years, and it's a weird and not entirely pleasant feeling to be proven more right than I even knew.

The thing about xtian fundies is, they cannot see they're doing the exact same thing as the "Islamofascists," only they call their god a different name and obviously they have no problem with pork products. This is something I've tried and failed spectacularly at explaining to certain xtian fundamentalists of my acquaintance.

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