Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What would you think about a man who does the following:

1. Unnecessarily takes his child with him on an errand which is almost certain to end in both their deaths. Deaths which will most likely be prolonged and excruciating. An errand which his child does not want to go on. An errand which would, in the extremely unlikely event it is successful, have an outcome which the child has unequivocally stated that he does not desire. And "unnecessarily" because: the child cannot possibly make any meaningful contribution to the errand's success. In fact, the child's presence will almost certainly hinder the attempt.

The man's motive in taking the child with him? Unknown, but probably explicable as an attempt to assuage the man's loneliness in undertaking the errand OR because the man considers his child to be the only thing of value that he has.

2. After the errand is unexpectedly interrupted before it becomes truly dangerous, by an incident during which the child is kidnapped, the man then recklessly endangers several of his closest (only) friends (and a couple of other people who are merely bystanders and good samaritans) by charging off in a clearly futile attempt to "rescue" the child. I put "rescue" in quotes because the man, while possibly hoping to actually rescue the child, appears to merely be allowing his guilt and vanity to override his reason and his consideration of others.

3. But anyway. So then he gets himself also kidnapped, by a group of people who: (a) are the sworn enemies of the man and his group of loyal friends (who, as previously stated, risked their lives on at least 2 occasions to save him from his own selfish actions), (b) appear to be actively engaged in bringing about the torture and death of the man and his group of friends, and (c) are the same people who kidnapped his child.

4. After being captured, the man's captors do nothing to change his perception of them as ruthless killers and torturers. He clearly believes them to be heinous, inhuman criminals, intent on the destruction of all who oppose them (or, even come anywhere near them). So what does he do? He agrees to: (a) go back to the headquarters of his friends, (b) bring about (by force, deceit, or otherwise) the release of one of the captors' agents, who is currently being detained by his friends, and (c) bring certain of his friends (he is given a list of 5 names, his friends, several of whom, as noted above, risked their lives to save his on multiple occasions) to a remote location so that they can be ambushed by his captors who, as noted above, he believes to be the most thoroughly vicious, heinous, inhuman, monstrous type of characters imaginable.

5. Not only does the man agree to do these things, he actually does them! First, he goes back to where his friends are and tells them a bunch of lies. Then, he MURDERS 2 of them, both unarmed and unsuspecting. He then releases the enemy prisoner, injures himself to make it look like he was the prisoner's victim, and makes up a bunch more lies to tell the rest of his friends when they appear on the scene. THEN, he deviously convinces the 5 people from the list (his friends, who risked their lives, etc etc) to go with him to ostensibly "avenge" the deaths of the 2 others who he himself just murdered in a most cowardly fashion(!), all the while intending to turn them over to their enemies (vile and unspeakably cruel murderers, torturers, etc etc etc)

6. During the journey the man and his friends undertake to "avenge" their fallen comrades, the man is presented with a tailor-made opportunity to come clean and atone for his various transgressions. He does not, but rather goes ahead and turns his friends (probably the only people who have ever actually befriended him or lent a hand to help him in his whole life) over to the enemy (odious and loathsome persons who, well, neverf***ingmind).

So this is what the guy did. (You may recognize his story.) I have attemped a very objective account of his nefarious doings in the hope that you, the reader, will supply your opinion as to whether his actions are good, bad, or indifferent. Selfish? Evil? Heroic? Believing also, of course, that your opinion will coincide with my own (hopefully) well-concealed views on the subject.


Gleemonex said...


Oh man, do I hate this guy. Selfish asshole, putting his kid's life above those of SEVEN fully-realized adults' lives -- two of whom he cold-bloodedly MURDERED and five of whom he delivered to torture and likely death --seriously, it still makes me so angry that I can't really comment articulately. Thank you for posting it in such bald terms.

mzchief said...

The guy is at his very BEST a murderer and traitor as well as a VERY poor parent and role model. Do I "hate" him? NO! Am I glad I am NOT him or associate with people like him? YOU BET!

Do I hope his boat SANK?
Oh Yeah!