Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blown out by K-State?

I've always had my doubts about Colt McCoy:

1. He's kinda goofy looking.

2. The whole "small town kid born and bred and destined to be legendary UT quarterback" thing is just too much. Thank you Brent Musberger.

3. So he's from a small town. Big F'ing Deal. A 2A high school? So what.

4. Ever notice that instead of regular eye black, he wears those super-gay stickers with little longhorn logos on them? Kill me.

And anyway, last year I was skeptical about his actual on the field play. He throws some great passes occasionally, but there's rarely a game where he's consistently great. Take the flashes of awesome, mix in the flashes of crappy, and you've got an average quarterback.

But today, he was beyond crappy. He was flat awful. 19 of 39 for 200 yds, with 4 (count 'em, FOUR) interceptions, one returned for a touchdown. There were several other passes that could have been intercepted, and several that never got more than 6 feet off the ground and were either batted down or pinged off the backs of helmets of offensive linemen.

People have been trying to compare this guy to Major Applewhite. I think a more appropriate comparison is Pete Gardere. Pete Gardere had his moments (4-0 against OU), but he and the teams he played for were mediocre at best.

There was one play, 4th and 8 or so, late in the game, down by 13, where McCoy threw a 2 yard pass to a receiver who was obviously going to be immediately tackled. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. Game over.

UT will never get through a season without a loss with Colt McCoy at quarterback. And now, after watching the Longhorns get blown out by 3 touchdowns, at home, to K-freakin'-State, I've got a very dreary 3 more months of college football ahead of me. Bleah.

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Kingfish said...

Perriloux is now playing at LSU, can't remember where Snead went. They both left because they didn't think thney were going to get a shot. Sucks for you guys. All I can say is, quit the bitching. At least you have won something this a National Championship.