Thursday, October 11, 2007

Here's a neat parlor game

Explain the comments in this thread.

A sample:
"Al [Sharpton,]
your a disgrace to your faith, only you can make jesus puke
you are an unevolved silver back gorilla that is nothing more than a stupid pettrick
you are walking proof that the ability to communicate does not imply intellegence"
I'll propose the first two possibilities:

1. The level of political discourse in this country has devolved to a point where people can't tell the satirical bullshit from the regular bullshit.

2. There are just a whole bunch of very stupid racist assholes running around out there.

Note that you have to go down several dozen posts before you see the first one that says "Um, hey dumbfucks, this is a freakin' PARODY!"

(via Who Is IOZ.)

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