Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sag this, Biatch

The astute Barry Green has already posted this (actually, he's not that astute, I'm just incredibly slow), but here is a better article on the subject of how the City of Dallas is fighting the dire social issue of youngsters sagging their pants.

Based on the radio coverage of this from yesterday and the Liberal Lean post, I was prepared to call for the public flogging of all the people involved in this embarrassment. However, it appears from today's coverage that no public funds have been expended in this effort.

Clear Channel donated the billboards and some insipidly civic-minded group apparently donated their services in designing the billboards and producing the ad-copy. Based on the slogans, the latter should have been obvious, as no self-respecting professional messaging person could ever conceivably put forward these slogans, which are so stupid as to be unintentional self parody, and are the pinnacle of irony insofar as they are certain to have the exact opposite of their intended result.

I would bet the deed to Chez HHL that not one single person will stop sagging their pants in response to these billboards. Not one.
Dear Local Government, City Councils, Mayors, and School Boards Everywhere,

Please get out of the business of trying to determine people's clothing choices. Short of public nudity, this is not your concern. Please refocus your efforts back on your primary purpose of giving sweetheart contracts out to your brothers-in-law, fellow-church goers, and various other members of your social circle.

Thank you.



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