Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lie down with dogs

...and most surely you will be fleabitten.

As Atrios says, Scott McClellan is "A Big Giant Tool of Corrupt Assholes."

He's writing what is being billed as a tattletale book, scheduled to be on shelves April '08. The blurb is interesting, I guess, because he appears to be complaining that the WH made him go out in front of America and tell lies.

(Hey, Scott? You're the Minister of Information for the George Bush White House. What on Shatner's green earth did you expect? Get a goddamn clue, then go fuck yourself.)

If he's pissed off enough, I guess he could probably say a lot of very damaging things.

But he won't.

Remember the former Bush WH staffer who called the WH a bunch of "Mayberry Machiavellis"? Remember how he went on and on in many separate interviews with Ron Suskind about how political considerations always trumped policy considerations in the Bush WH, and then went on to write Suskind a 2,700 word memo on the subject of how every single domestic policy initiative in the Bush WH originated with Karl Rove's staff and how said staff's "policy-making" consisted wholly of sitting around and spitballing political slogans and then sketching out "policies" that could be sold to the public through the use of those slogans? The money quote:
Mayberry Machiavellis--staff, senior and junior--who consistently talked and acted as if the height of political sophistication consisted in reducing every issue to its simplest, black-and-white terms for public consumption, then steering legislative initiatives or policy proposals as far right as possible.
And, remember how, when Suskind's Esquire article came out, how that former WH staffer, John Dilulio, within mere hours, had issued the following statement: "My criticisms were groundless and baseless due to poorly chosen words and examples. I sincerely apologize and I am deeply remorseful."? Remember that?

The guy, a previously well-respected academic heavyweight, with a reputation for being one of the country's foremost intellectual thinkers on domestic policy issues, writes a 2,700 word memo which includes "poorly chosen words and examples"?

So yeah. I imagine that when April '08 rolls around, Scott McClellan will be firmly back in the GWBushCo fold, pimping up GW's legacy, his thumbs only showing just the slightest remaining evidence of impaction, and with a newly developed case of hydrophobia.

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Gleemonex said...

McClellan, that pigfucker. Ari Fleischer, a real Nazi's Nazi, had it ALL OVER him. Strictly amateur hour, McClellan's trip.

Even so: The horror. The horror.