Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wherein I link some stuff I've randomly bookmarked and forgotten about

I used to have a short, well-organized list of bookmarks. Now it is messy and near-useless. Here is some stuff I found, some of interest, some definitely not:

1. An engine that generates custom tombstone images, for example: "R.I.P. American Rule of Law 1776 - 2001". Helpful for blogging, potentially.

2. Bruce Fein's "American Freedom Agenda". Started with a lot of promise, doesn't seem to have achieved much (or anything).

3. A thing on that tests the bandwidth of your internet connection. At one point, back when my ISP was Charter, I was having some bandwidth issues. Though I grew to hate Charter, I have to admit that when they weren't having technical problems, their broadband was blazing fast.

4. An Onion wannabe site called "Opinions You Should Have". Not updated much, but some of his articles are clever and funny.

5. A site with user-generated info on speed traps all over the country, arranged by municipality. This was actually very helpful when I moved. I researched my town and all the towns I drove through on my new commute.

6. This one is a service where, for a reasonable fee, they stop most of your junk mail. I get a ridiculous amount of junk mail. Extremely wasteful. One of my buddies has a more devious method of addressing junk mail (he wads it up and stuffs it into the reply envelopes and mails it back to them, thereby costing them money and gaining satisfaction at their resulting inconvenience). Me, I bought an industrial strength shredder. I've been meaning to sign up for this service, but I haven't yet found the time (though I suppose I could be doing it right now rather than blogging about it).

7. Here's one you really ought to click through. It is an unexplainable time waste. (on second thought, nevermind, the sound doesn't seem to be working and I don't think it is nearly as funny without it.)

8. This is something I bookmarked because some blogger or other nominated it as the "best blog post ever". That's probably a praise too high, but it is very funny. For the really funny part you have to click through to "Update I" and Update II" (but not the first "Update") links.

9. A transcript of George Washington's farewell address, wherein our first president warns us against practically every single thing our 43rd president has done.

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