Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a few minor ramblings

1. Iron Man kicks ass. Is the guy who directed it really the mealy-mouthed pussy from Swingers? Can that even be possible?

2. Every weekday without fail I read the on-target takedowns of the Bush Gang from Dan Froomkin at It's always 5 pages of bloggy goodness, but today's was particularly splendid, as it detailed the fallout from The Chimp's "I stopped golfing to support the troops" comment.

3. But also, every day he has a rundown of the previous day's political cartoons. Like these two, just for example. Which makes me wonder, are there right-wing political cartoonists? What do they make fun of? Do they depict His Chimpness as a dignified, forthright, justice-seeking head of state? If so, how is that done? How is it made to be comical? Because most of the cartoons I've seen depict him as a tiny little guy, usually placed next to a 3x size Dick Cheney for scale, like a grow-challenged little Napoleon, mewling around like a kitten that's been separated from its mama cat and doesn't know what to do. That's funny, and appropriate, and I just can't imagine how else he could be portrayed at this point.


Gleemonex said...

Silly HHL, you know Republicans don't have a sense of humor!

What RW "comics" there are usually stay way clear of Il Douche in favor of making Hillary Clinton look like a literal monster (instead of the soul-sucking gasbag she really is) and taking no pains to hide their vilest racist and sexist leanings. Fun, huh?

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