Friday, December 22, 2006

Not just an excuse to post pictures of hot girls. No, really.

But, of course, a picture does seem to add to the reader's understanding. This girl is Miss Teen USA. She was spotted drinking in NYC clubs with Miss USA, whose story is chronicled below. Miss Teen is also very hot, though she doesn't look like a Teen to me.

Anyway, by virtue of her being crowned Miss Teen, she became a spokesperson for MADD. This is the organization that agitates for increased penalties and enforcement of drunk driving laws.

Or so they say. Based on this story, which says that MADD has cut ties with Miss Teen, I think it is clear that MADD is just another Puritanical, prohibitionist, temperance group that tries to disguise its true intentions. After all, the reason that Miss Teen was dipped in the grease by MADD is because she has been spotted HAVING COCKTAILS in NYC bars with Miss USA and others. Additionally, she was spotted making out with Miss USA (unfortunately, no pics of this event!).

To my understanding, the act of drinking is somewhat different from drinking and driving in that it DOES NOT INVOLVE DRIVING. In fact, in NYC, shining star of public transportation and home to the most taxis in the known universe, a night of drinking very rarely involves driving, for anyone.

If you're waiting for a politician or really any public person to call MADD out on this piece of disconnected thinking, don't hold your breath. No one challenges MADD. Ever.


Gleemonex said...

In our high school, all the biggest drunks were in SADD.

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