Saturday, December 16, 2006

TIVO v. dvr continued

16. When you are watching a program and you stop it and watch something else (live tv or a different program) or go do something or whatever, and then you come back and want to finish watching that program, you are not given the option to resume watching from the point where you stopped watching before, but must instead begin from the beginning and fast-forward back to the point where you stopped watching before, a problem which is made EVEN MORE maddening because of the problem noted in #15 above.

17. While the other problems noted here seem to be BY DESIGN(!), there are also of course BUGS, which happen very frequently, including BUT NOT LIMITED TO:

(a) when you hit the fast forward button once (one forward arrow), about one out of every three times the picture will freeze on the screen (while the program fast forwards) until you hit play, so that you don't get to see the program going forward;

(b) when you are watching tv (rather than a program you have already recorded), and you have paused or rewound so that you have some recorded "buffer" built up, occasionally (but pretty damn often) the screen will freeze out of nowhere, and when this happens you can rewind and watch the program up to the point where the screen froze, but you cannot watch anything past that point, EXCEPT that you can hit the "Live" button, which will make the Scientific Atlanta HD 8300 unit (pictured) jump to the live broadcasting point on that channel, and when this happens, if you hit Pause or Rewind it takes you BACK to the place where the screen originally froze (and again, you cannot go forward from this point, etc (see above)), the net effect of this whole thing being that you have irretrievably LOST all the buffered programming and you must now change the FUCKING channel, then change BACK to the original channel, at which point you may now use the Pause button to start to build up more of a buffer (but beware! because this whole thing could easily just happen all over again). This, needless to say, is a HORRIBLE bug that will absolutely RUIN your viewing experience (especially if you happen to be watching, for example, a highly anticipated NFL matchup between the division-leading Dallas Cowboys and the second place New York Giants and the game happens to be, for example, in the 4th Quarter), causing you to VERY NEARLY hurl your remote into, for example, the sneering face of one Bill "Big Tuna" Parcells which is at that moment frozen, sneering at you on the beautiful surface of your almost-new 42" plasma high definition tv screen, which screen, presumably, not having the ability to withstand such an action without a certain amount of BREAKAGE, such breakage, presumably, not being covered by the 1 year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

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