Monday, May 14, 2007

Wolfie's doing a heckuva job!

As we know, our nation's president GWBush has gone out of his way to support Mr. Alberto R. "Judge" "Gonzo" Gonzales in his bid to remain our nation's Attorney General, even going so far as to have one of his spokesperson minions state that he is doing a "fantastic job".

As has been argued here by the brilliant Dahlia Lithwick, the one and only thing the Judge is doing a fantastic job of is as a personified punching bag, a shield for similarly ethics-challenged persons who are less incompetent than himself (but therefore far more virulent and dangerous). I don't have to list their names, do I?

But yeah, he's doing a pretty good job of that.

And, while we can obviously question GWBush's judgment and the quality of his intentions, there is a precedent for him spending his own political capital to defend and prop up one of his idiotic, unethical, incompetent, malfeasing cronies. It is also possible for us to understand (or at least make a good guess at) his motivation for doing so.

Which brings us to another ethically challenged Bush boy: dear old Wolfie. Mr. Wolfowitz, you will recall, is the GWBush-appointed head of the World Bank, a global charitable organization, charged with distributing our tax money to the poor and starving denizens of the third world. Mr. Wolfowitz used this position to, instead, distribute our tax money to his fuck-buddy.

The facts surrounding this episode are not in dispute, or at least not by unretarded persons. What is our nation's president's response to this? Well, Wolfie has his "Full Confidence". But that's not all. Mr. GWBush doesn't just expend his own (miserably plunging) credibility to defend his good buddy Wolfie. He is now spending the nation's political capital to defend the looter Wolfowitz; today he is in the process of calling an emergency session of the G7 for purposes of "reach[ing]over the heads of hostile [World Bank] board members and development ministers, to finance ministers, foreign ministers and even heads of government, in the hope they can be persuaded to over-rule their colleagues and agree to let Mr Wolfowitz stay."

I'm absolutely certain that we have nothing more important to browbeat the members of the G7 about than keeping this slimeball in his position.

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And I LOVE this sentence: "The facts surrounding this episode are not in dispute, or at least not by unretarded persons." I'm going to start using it daily.