Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Bruce Fein agrees with the post below regarding Congress' enabling of BushCo, albeit in a slightly different context. His lead-in:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is proving to be the surprise O. Henry ending to last November's elections. The American voters gave Democrats clear control of Congress, rebuked President George W. Bush, and voiced an unequivocal public craving to trade in customary narrow-minded politics for something more inspiring. Yet motivated by partisan concerns over the 2008 elections, the new speaker is following President Bush around like a sheep while he solidifies an imperial presidency and diminishes the Congress into irrelevancy.
Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton (and prominent neo-Con) confirms that an attack on Iran is next on the fight card, replying "Absolutely," when asked if he "hope[s] it's true" that we will attack Iran in the next six months.

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