Friday, August 3, 2007

Men or Mice?

I'm about tired of hearing how this or that congressperson finds some action on the part of the administration to be "deeply regrettable". Yes, we all deeply regret it.

Everytime someone in my company gets fired (or whatever), an email goes out to the company from our HR spinners about "deep regret". And I mean they use that exact phrase every single time. Obviously it is horseshit.

But that's from a small-time HR hack, so not unexpected or really even something that rises to the level of needing to be criticized. However, when the nation's fundamental ideals are circling the toilet bowl, right out in plain view, and the best our nation's highest elected representatives can do is wring their hands and express "deep regret", it is a disgraceful catastrophe.

I am disgusted by these people. By "these people" of course I refer to the Democrats and non-wingnut Republicans in congress. They clearly know what is right, and they refuse to take any meaningful action. As for the Bush/Cheney cabal, they long ago plotted a course so wantonly and irredeemably wrong, that it matters not at all whether or not they know what is "right". Any scorn directed their way is, at this point, to no purpose at all.

In short, though its not GBCW just yet, it is becoming clear that my 9 month old detour into political immersion may be nearing an abrupt halt.