Friday, December 28, 2007

Benito, cont.

At the risk of beating the dead horse which is Rudy "Benito" Giuliani's political career...

This quote (via TPM) is taken from a recent Benito ad running in Florida:
When you try to take something away from us, like freedom," Rudy proclaims, "the Americans are going to be one in resisting it. So the Islamic terrorists would make a terrible mistake if they confuse our democracy for weakness.
A few points:

1. I don't think the terrorists are bombing our buildings to take our freedom away from us. I think they are trying to kill a lot of us as a means of encouraging us to change our foreign policy.

2. But assuming Rudy is right, and they really are trying to take our freedom from us, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it. After all, since 9/11 the terrorists have repealed habeas corpus, repealed the Fourth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments, parts of the First, and most of the Fifth. The terrorists appear to be well on their way to abolishing the entire bill of rights, thus taking away our freedom. And far from Americans being "one" in resisting this, it certainly appears like hardly anyone is even noticing, and even fewer are complaining, much less "resisting".

3. Oh, wait, did I just write that the terrorists have done those things? On second thought, I think that must be wrong, since the terrorists have no mechanism whatsoever for doing these things specifically or "taking our freedom" generally. Sorry, my bad. It appears that these things have been done by George Bush and Dick Cheney, with Rudy backing them every step of the way. Does that mean that George, Dick and Rudy are "the terrorists"? I'm confused.

4. Oh, hell. Now I'm even more confused. I just went back and read my blog post below, and it tells me that, according to Rudy's own formulation, when he says "freedom" he means ceding control over one's actions to the state. So, if the terrorists are trying to take away our "freedom", does that mean that the terrorists are actually trying to wrest control over our actions from the state and return it to us (i.e., free us from slavery)? That seems really odd, and I think I must have made a mistake somewhere.

5. Because if that's true, then what possible interest would we have in resisting them? Except, of course, those among us who do truly desire to cede control over their actions to the state. Maybe that's what Rudy meant?

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Kingfish said...

Just some random thoughts:

Nothing more than Fascism in Democracy clothing. That is now, and it will not change. Pick any number of the candidates in either party, I try and cannot seem to find one in the ilk of Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin.

The Federal Government has become the 25 trillion pound gorilla that steals your identity, confiscates your property, and runs up your debt.

Did someone say rights? What do you need them for? Just keep your nose clean, pay your taxes, and hope the gorilla doesn't eat your children. You do that, and they will provide you with FREEDOM!

Yeah! Que up the Lee Greenwood and Toby fuckin Keef! I'm so happy I'm going to order up some American Gladiators on Pay Per View. I hear they are slaughtering athiests tonight. Woo Hoo..that ought to scare them rag heads good!