Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just when you think you've seen everything...

In my 30+ years on this earth, this blog is quite possibly the most outrageous thing I've ever seen.

I won't go into detail about my fantasy resolution to this matter, but suffice to say it does not end well for Ms. Drew. There is almost nothing too horrible that could happen to this woman that I wouldn't cheer for.

via Liberal Lean. (read my comment to see a brief outline of my further thoughts.) (Update: Barry apparently "moderated" my comment out of existence. oh well.)

UPDATE: I just can't stop watching the train wreck. There are 1200 comments to the latest post, and 97% of them are seething hatred against this despicable person. But the train wreck part is that the other 3% are from her posting under the name "meganhaditcoming" attempting to justify herself against the virulent (and supremely well-deserved) wave of utter loathing.

UPDATE II: Some commenters in the thread claim that the blog is a hoax. I suppose it could be, but if so it is an extremely sophisticated hoax -- and still an engrossing train wreck.

But I guess I should be clear: if this blog is a hoax, then this woman does not deserve the level of scorn being heaped on her. I mean, causing the girl's suicide in the first place was bad; what she did was immature and incredibly irresponsible, and shows very bad judgment. But you could chalk it up to a lapse, a mistake, and if she sincerely apologized and sought to make up for it then she might deserve the benefit of the doubt. But if she is actually responsible for this blog, then all bets are off and she most certainly deserves all the vileness and villainy found in those comments (and some of them, all I can say is wow. Just, wow).


Gleemonex said...

1400 now. What the FUCK, man. And she just keeps digging it deeper.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone is doing a bit of censorship on that blog - the number of posts at one point was over 2,000; now there are just over 1,200.


HHL said...

i think you're looking at the wrong post. the first (bottom) post has 1200+, but the last (top) post has almost 2600 comments.