Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dear Leader speaks

Our Preznit has commented on the latest torture story. ABC News faithfully transcribed the Preznit's comments:
As to the CIA videotapes, President Bush said he didn't know about the tapes or their destruction until last week. "My first recollection of whether the tapes existed or whether they were destroyed was when Michael Hayden briefed me," Bush said in an interview Tuesday with ABC News. "There's a preliminary inquiry going on and I think you'll find that a lot more data, facts will be coming out," the president said. "That's good. It will be interesting to know what the true facts are."
Let's break this down a bit further. The phrase "My first recollection..." is an obvious trick. There are many other ways Preznit could have said "that was the first time I've ever been told about this." His phrasing clearly suggests that he has been told about it before, and that the person that told him about it may, possibly, come forward in the future and state this as a fact. But the Preznit will then be able to say "Well, it is possible I was told about this, but it was in a context where there were more important things being discussed, and I'm an important person, and I get told a lot of stuff and I hear about important things all the time, and I can't be bothered to remember ever single thing I ever hear. Etc.". This is known in the torture business as "plausible deniability".

"A lot more data, a lot more facts will be coming out." This should be taken as meaning two separate things: (1) we have people that are going to come forward with some "facts", (i.e., lies, and a bunch of red herring type bullshit) which will make you, dear citizen, think about this whole situation in a different way, at least if you are a person who buys into that sort of horseshit, and (2) a lot more "facts" will be coming out that make me look like a sadistic tyrant, who ordered people to be tortured, and then ordered more people to cover up the torture, but these kinds of "facts" can easily be explained away if you'll just pay more attention to the other "facts" I've alluded to in part (1).

"It will be interesting to know what the true facts are." For those of you playing along at home, this means: "This has kind of taken us by surprise, because we thought when we destroyed the evidence, that would be the end of the trail here, but now that this stuff has come out, well, we have this whole story we're making up to explain it, but we're not quite finished, we don't have the entire mess of bullshit worked out just yet, but when we do, you can rest assured that we'll "leak" it to the right people, and it will get its day in court, and though I'm not entirely sure exactly what the ending is yet, I think it will be just plausible enough to convince people not to impeach me or drive my approval ratings significantly below the atrocious level they are already at. In other words, it will convince me, as a religious zealot meathead, that I'm doing all of this for the good of mankind, at the direction of Providence, and all of the like-minded fools out there will likewise be convinced, as well as the complicit meathead lying sacks of shit sadists in the "opposition" party who have been with me all along on this kind of stuff, and therefore enough people, and the right people, will support me on this, or a least keep their mouths shut, in order to enable me to continue right along, doing the Lord's work, and keeping America safe. From those scary evil brown people."

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