Monday, February 18, 2008

Iraqi Health Care System "on verge of collapse"

Shocking, I know. Apparently, the Iraqi health care system lacks adequate facilities, doesn't have many doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals, and has far less medicine than needed.

Even more shocking is that this could have happened under the U.S. occupation of Iraq. I mean, George Bush was dead set on getting the most talented, competent, and experienced person in place to oversee the Iraqi Health Care System as part of the post-invasion U.S. reconstruction regime.

Wait... what's that? You say that actually Bush installed a person in that job who's biggest resume item was "running a Christian adoption agency that counseled young women against abortions [and who] spent much of his time in Iraq preparing to privatize the state-owned drug supply firm -- perhaps not the most important priority since almost every hospital in the country had been thoroughly looted in the days after Hussein was overthrown."?

Oh. Well, nevermind then.

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