Monday, February 18, 2008


I was cycling through the presets on my AM radio just now, and I caught about 90 seconds of Rush Limbaugh. He tells me that Obama and NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg have struck a deal where, if Obama loses the Democratic primary, he (Obama) will run in the general election as an independent and Bloomberg will contribute $1 billion of his personal fortune to Obama's campaign.

Does this make any sense at all? Would such a thing even be possible? Or legal? Seems as though I must have missed some important details, or else Rush Limbaugh is spouting ludicrous, incoherent bullshit.


Gleemonex said...

New levels of insanity daily ... that is HILARE, though. Love it!

Kingfish said...

I can just see Hip Hop laughing in his car while listening to this.

The other day I caught some of Hannity...its on here in the Peoples Republik of Lubbock constantly, btw...Hannity seems to devote most of his time to bashing Obama, Hillary, and McCain...I'm still pissed my guy Edwards dropped out and that Gore did not run.

I have this feeling that things in general are going to suck and presently suck, and one reason is that these radio puppets are taken seriously.

HHL said...

yeah, i'll flip over to Limbaugh and Hannity and Levin on occasion to get a good laugh, or sometimes for a brief out-loud tirade. (if anyone ever puts a hidden tape recorder in my car, the result is likely to be extremely embarrassing.)

i'm trying not to be too pessimistic. I think Obama probably won't be too bad. i have some hopes that he'll make headway against the prison-industrial complex, which is one of the biggest problems in this country. then again, 7 years ago i thought Bush would make efforts to curtail the drug war (being a former drug user himself, and an advocate of smaller government), so my predictive abilities on this kind of stuff are open to serious question.