Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adventures in legislating: our Democrat-controlled Congress

Not surprising, but certainly galling, is today's news that the House will tomorrow take up two pieces of legislation combined into one big pile of filthy human waste: (1) $165 Billion in appropriations to continue George and Dick's Excellent Iraqi Adventure for the foreseeable future, and (2) the Protect AT&T Act. They will both pass, then they'll both pass the Senate, then the Chimp will sign them, and in a couple of decades people will look back and wonder what the fuck all these people were thinking as they drove this country, with eyes wide open, straight off a goddamn cliff.

I was going to write a bunch of stuff about how corrupt is the "leadership" among our political class, how they are dishonest, have no principles, and have no higher purpose other than remaining in power, and how they will do whatever is necessary to pursue that goal no matter how much -- or who or what -- is destroyed as a result. But why bother? Click the link and read the article [skip down to Updates III and IV if you'd like to see the really demoralizing part]. Or don't. I really don't care.

I think from now on I'm going to be posting a lot on subjects along the lines of "what I had for lunch today", "what I watched on teevee last night", "hey, check out this fucked up youtube video", "wow, the chick in this picture is really hot/fat/fucked up/etc", "did you hear about that town over in ______ where they passed a law that says ____? good or bad? discuss", or the always popular "don't you hate it when __________ happens to you right when you're about to ________? I really hate that.".

Or maybe I'd be a happier blogger if I wrote about how "Wow, gas sure is expensive these days. It's too bad those craaaazy hippies won't let oil companies drill in _________, because that would, like, lower the price of gas and stuff." And it sure would be less mentally stressful to to blog on the topic of "Those Arabs sure are a bunch of scary brown terrorists. We need to figure out more ways we can find 'em and kill 'em." Or maybe "We're at war! We need to support our troops and win the war for victory over those terrorist Iraqis who we're at war with, in Iraq. Success! Victory!"

Or maybe I'll go mow the lawn, make myself a stiff drink (or two or several), and stop reading the news for a while. But before I do, here's a big FUCK YOU! to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer, and all the rest of you rats in congress. Go fuck yourselves, and here's hoping that sometime very soon you're all voted out in favor of the GOP, who may (also) be slimy, power-hungry assholes, but at least they make no secret of where they stand. And while I'm at it: Obama, fuck you too!

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