Thursday, June 5, 2008

"I'd go down on a lawman for a gallon of gas"

This news will make at least two people of my acquaintance very very happy:

Pickup truck, SUV sales run out of gas; Hummer brand slated for possible termination.
Of the many models crippling GM sales, the worst have borne the Hummer nameplate. In May, Hummer purchases declined 60%, and through the first five months of the year it is the marque that has slipped the most, down 36%, placing it behind brands such as Chrysler, Bentley and even Maybach. The Hummer H3 gets an average of 15 miles per gallon, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. [emphasis added. Wow!]

"At this point, we are considering all options for the Hummer brand," Wagoner said. "Everything from a complete revamp of the product lineup to partial or complete sale of the brand."
And regarding the precipitous overall decline in SUV sales related by the article, someone needs to tell that to the recalcitrant Toyota salesmen I've been speaking with recently w/r/t a potential acquisition of one of their SUVs.

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Gleemonex said...

Fucking AWESOME!!!

(I assume I'm one of the two you had in mind, heh!)