Thursday, June 12, 2008

coming out of the woodwork

Liberal Lean is baiting the bigot/shit-for-brains element again. The comments are entirely predictable, especially if you've read Gleemonex's post from the other day on the topic (she calls it "Mental Quicksand", but I think Mental Septic Tank is more accurate). I've sworn off reading most of the comment threads over there, but I didn't have the self-control to avoid this one.

Also, yesterday I received a forwarded email which, among others, contains the following statements (it's in ALL CAPS, but I'll spare you):

1. "[Obama] has not at any time during the campaign revealed what he stands for [or] what he believes in." It goes on to state that Obama talks "unceasingly" about change, but won't give any specifics. Needless to say, this must only come from someone who is not at all interested in finding out, since many of Obama's speeches are packed with detailed policy proposals, and his campaign website has long, dense position papers addressing each and every significant issue in the campaign.

2. "[Obama and his evil terrorist-loving wife] are on the verge of transforming the greatest country in the world into an Islamic nation." Right. Because they're both "Islamic". Just like their racist preacher.

3. Obama is funded by money "donated to the campaign by middle-eastern forces which are very anonymous." Hmm. Now that I think about it, this is actually possible. We should get the FEC to look into this. Fortunately for us, campaigns are required by law to keep detailed records regarding each donor and each donation. But then again, foreign donations are not legal, and neither are anonymous donations. Still though, there ought to be an investigation, because it might just be that our Islamic enemies have millions of agents posing as U.S. citizens, all donating to Obama in small amounts to stay under the radar. I hope we find out soon, because I'm terrified by this possibility.

For bonus wingnuttery, check out this Liberal Lean thread, where lots of backwards, barely-literate lovers of freedom are, in response to today's Supreme Court opinion, offering their expert legal analysis in support of the arbitrary detention of brown people that they don't like and the abolition of habeas corpus. Now that, my friends, is what I call freedom!


Robert Guest said...

You're hitting on all cylinders after a slow May. If you keep this up you might make my Google reader!

Great stuff. You've got some spot on political analysis. It might be your calling.

The Hip Hop Lawyer Situation Factor Room DateNightLine Show- or something.

Gleemonex said...

oh man, I didn't have the self-control to stop it either ... ho shit. [blearrrgh]

What with Fox "News" spouting "terrorist fist bump gesture" and "baby mama" all over the place, I'm really hoping this is the last big ugly gasp of mainstream racism in America. It's always darkest before the dawn, no?

HHL said...

Gleemonex: one can "hope" so. heh. but the thing is, if they bring out all that racist crap (and they will), and if it fails (which it might), then that's probably the last time they'll try it on a major scale. which would go a long way toward improving the attitudes of regular people (i.e., maybe when people don't see their own racism reflected all over the place in the media, they might just start to get the idea that there's something, you know, WRONG with it.

Robert: thanks for the good word. And I'm sending in my resume to the major networks as we speak!