Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My friends, that's not change we can believe in... oh, wait, yeah it is.

Obama announced appointments for CIA Director and the Office of Legal Counsel. Both nominees have taken hard stances against Bushism, rejecting outright the Bush penchant for lawlessness and secrecy in policies regarding warrantless surveillance, torture, and indefinite detention. Amen.

Not all are happy, however. Witness poor Diane Feinstein. After considering the nomination for CIA director for what appears to be all of a few minutes, she has come out against it, as has our old buddy Jay Rockefeller.

It seems key members of the Senate Intelligence Committee were consulted about the nomination, but not the incoming chairperson of the committee. The would be Feinstein. She is angry and insulted. Well, Diane, guess what? That is what you get for supporting one of the worst and least popular presidents in history in his programs to illegally torture, arrest, detain, and spy on people, including Americans. If this snub is the worst thing that happens to you as a result, then consider yourself exceedingly lucky. It is far better than you deserve.

Meanwhile, having Rockefeller and Feinstein oppose nominees in these areas is just about the highest recommendation for their nominations as you could possibly want.


Gleemonex said...

Exactly! Shut up, DiFi. I only tolerate you because you're a very senior Democrat. But pretty soon you're gonna have to come across with the goods, or California's gonna boot your ass.

Moms said...

This Californian already wants to boot her ass. She used all her good will with me long ago.

Get off the stage!