Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In Opposition to Alliance with The Cylon Menace

In Why Tom Zarek Was Right, a blogger at Lawyers, Guns, and Money writes "a Letter to the Editor from "Concerned Colonial Citizen", regarding the prospects of a permanent alliance between the Colonial government and the rebel Cylon."

*Spoilers follow*

Clearly there are some aspects of the rebellion initiated by Gaeta and Zarek that I cannot support -- most particularly the cold-blooded murder of The Quorum. This was a bit, er, precipitous, if not wholly unnecessary. From a strategic point of view, the rebellion's security measures leave quite a lot to be desired.

But aside from issues pertaining to the rebellion's specific tactics, I find myself with a substantial degree of sympathy for its broader goals. First, let me associate myself with Item #4 of the blogger's reasons for spurning an alliance:
The Cylon are mass murderers
Four years ago, the Cylon massacred many billions of humans. They rounded up many of the surviving humans and created rape factories on an industrial scale. They pursued remaining survivors in an effort to complete the genocide. After a change in policy, they essentially enslaved the remnant of humanity under their "benevolent" despotism.

It was not fathers or grandfathers of the Cylon who committed these acts. These atrocities were not committed ages ago. These atrocities were not committed by rogue elements; there is no such thing as a Cylon civilian. The Cylons that propose, today, to become Colonial citizens were, just short time ago, planning and executing the almost complete annihilation of humanity. There is no conception of justice that can bear the introduction of these creatures into our society. The "Final Five" excepted, they are each and every one butchers; to excuse them their crimes would render the murders they carried out meaningless. It would destroy the fundamental tenets of our civilization. If we recognize that the rebel Cylon have civil rights, then they surely have civic responsibilities; as such, each and every one of them should fall under the authority of a war crimes tribunal, under accusation of genocide. Somehow, I suspect that these Cylon are not prepared for that degree of integration with Colonial society. If they cannot bear the responsibilities, then they do not deserve the rights.
Just so. Furthermore, Admiral Adama is a heavy-handed autocrat, who has consistently shown a willingness to usurp power from the lawfully constituted civilian authority of the Colonies. He was complicit in fixing an election. He has routinely used a personal, sexual relationship for purposes of arrogating authority and power to himself and away from the citizenry. In short, he sees the non-military Colonial governing establishment not as a power to which he is obliged to give due deference, but as a mere facade -- a propagandistic public relations strategy; a sham, in other words -- to be used to assuage legitimate public fears that Colonial citizens are not a sovereign body from which the power of the government is derived but rather subjects in a military dictatorship.

Also... the President is an annoying bitch whose every word fills me with loathing. I hate that the series has now seemed to make a hero out of what she has become. Didn't she go off her meds and shouldn't she be dying of cancer very very soon?


Kingfish said...

and I thought i wasn't gonna have any fun today.

BIG huge ass FUCKIN A to you SIR!

I cannot stop laughing. Did you see on the comments where somebody mistakes the Richard Hatch on the show from the Richard Hatch on Survivor?

HHL said...

heh. glad you enjoyed that. i'm such a BSG dork. just not sure i like how it seems to be turning out.