Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I have nothing to say.

But I need a post to get that stupid Pandit's picture off the top of my blog. What an asshole.

Some very brief (and no doubt poorly considered) Barry-Green-style observations:

1. When was the last time there was any good economic news?
2. Mexico appears to be headed toward civil war -- yay, prohibition!
3. The recent Lost episodes are pretty good.
4. I've been watching Dollhouse (new Joss Whedon series). Fairly interesting so far. I'm sticking with it for now.
5. The Dallas Cowboys are a trainwreck. I'd be surprised if they were above .500 next year.
6. I've decided I hate basketball. Maybe I'll watch some of the NCAA tournament, but I don't care about the NBA whatsoever, and the college regular season is boring and virtually meaningless.
7. The movie Hamlet II: Not sure I can recommend it to anyone, because it is just bizzare and it contains a lot of singing, which I'm against, but I watched it and enjoyed it in spite of its drawbacks.
8. Body of Lies was entirely forgettable. Crowe was pretty good, DiCaprio was not, and the story was... well, I can't remember anything about the story. If you want a good Middle East spy movie, I recommend Syriana or Rendition.
9. I can drink a quart of [Brass] Monkey and still stand still.


Gleemonex said...

I haven't watched pro basketball since Jordan and the Bulls repeated the three-peat. Nothing but thuggy showboating bullshit and no D. But I love me some NCAA ball -- great pace, teamwork, strategery, people who actually care about the outcome -- really exciting stuff.

And in re: Brass Monkey: me, I think Thunderbird is the word and I'm light as a feather.

Moms said...

Yeah it is all about NCAA. I just got that March Madness package for our household again this year. Dude, you can watch like 4 games at once with that thing. It is basketball crack and this girl likey da crack.

You watch Dollhouse. Ha! I have managed to keep that off of our Tivo for now, but the Mr. is pulling for it.

HHL said...

re: Dollhouse:

I'm no Joss Whedon fanboy, but I heard him talking about it in an interview (on NPR of all places) and it sounded interesting. So far, it has been mostly a straight up action show, but I'm led to believe it will at some point begin to explore the murkier moral, ethical, psychological issues that are so obviously implicated by the premise. If it doesn't... I'll drop it eventually.

Gleemonex said...

I can't believe neither of you has been sucked into Sarah Connor Chronicles. Oh man. They show commercials for Dollhouse during it, and me and Mr.G are all, " ... nah. We'll stick with the Terminatrix."