Tuesday, March 24, 2009

lazy ass blogger

A few items to fill up the space while I'm not feeling like coming up with any original thoughts:

1. Brother IOZ had his car towed. Somewhat predictably (if you are a regular IOZ reader), he writes a post with the following tags: GLOBAL GULAG; POLICE STATE; TOTALITARIANISM. Worth a read, and, yes, he actually does manage to make the story of his car being towed into a plausible and astute commentary about the current relationship status of the invididual vs the state.

2. A couple of good BSG Series Finale posts. My own view: I thought it was great. I thought they had painted themselves into a corner in many respects, but they managed to pull off a pretty good ending. Not sure about the Starbuck thing, but the very last part with Angel Six and Angel Baltar was pretty cool. I probably have a lot more to say about this, but I don't feel like typing it all out right now.

3. Confessing in advance that I haven't read the article (this stuff is really just too depressing), but the headline (Obama to beef up Mexico border policy) pretty much says it all. We're plowing ahead with further militarization of our Mexican border (sure, that'll cut down on the violence!) because we just absolutely can't stand the fact that a significant percentage of our populace likes to smoke pot. Ridiculous.

4. Eighth grade girl strip-searched at school because she was reportedly holding two tabs of... wait for it... "prescription-strength ibuprofen". Her lawsuit against the school will be heard by the Supreme Court next month. I don't know what the outcome of this case should be, but I do know that those fucktards who did this should be placed into an occupation which has exactly nothing to do with overseeing the education, socialization, or discipline of children. But that probably applies to a lot of educators these days. The part of the story that made me smack my head against my desk was how the school's lawyers responded to the kid's assertion that she had an unblemished disciplinary record and was "a good kid":
“Her assertion should not be misread to infer that she never broke school rules,” the district said of Ms. Redding in a brief, “only that she was never caught.”
Amazing logic. You could do a lot with that kind of reasoning. Sounds kind of like a FAIL version of "these are not the droids you are looking for."


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