Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama continues to disappoint

Barry O apparently believes that marijuana legalization/decriminalization is a funny joke. Har har har. I doubt it is very amusing to people who are put in prison for possession. College students being denied financial aid because they got caught with a bag of pot aren't laughing. And as for terminal cancer and AIDS patients who are prevented from smoking some weed to make the last part of their lives somewhat less terrible... I doubt those folks see any comedic value here. Hah hah.

I wonder if Obama would have had a good laugh if he had been incarcerated back in his youth, when he has acknowledged experimenting with illegal drugs. That would have been hilarious, right? To have his career in law and politics derailed in his early twenties because of a drug conviction? Funny! Get it?

Oh, and remember how, just last week, Obama's attorney general came out and announced that the feds would no longer go after medical marijuana clinics which are legally operating under state law? I guess that was a practical joke, or maybe an attempt at satire. Ho ho! A real knee-slapper there.

Maybe if Obama and friends weren't so busy mocking and laughing about the mere possiblity of making meaningful changes to this country's disastrous drug policy, they might realize that providing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cash, weapons, and military equipment to the Mexican government is not a plausible solution to the violent situation in that country. The violence is a result of: (1) drug cartels warring amongst themselves for the most lucrative distribution routes, and (2) between drug cartels and drug enforcement personnel. Both of these result from a single cause: marijuana (along with other drugs) is illegal. Make drugs legal and, virtually overnight, the black market will dry up and, presto!, no more drug violence.

So says The Economist. So says this Harvard scholar guy, writing at CNN. So say a hell of a lot of people who aren't stupid... and who aren't fucking comedians, either.


Moms said...

I am with ya. This marks the second time this week that I have been upset with Mr. O. I am not at all happy about him wanting to change the rate for charitable contributions. That sounds great. You know because we should totally hit those food banks and homeless shelters where it hurts during a historic economic meltdown.

Kingfish said...

How dare you insult the great leader!

Dude, c'mon. You know there is too much money in the status quo. Besides, the great leader has high poll numbers. Why rock the boat?

I'm sure there will be yet ANOTHER speech today. Never underestimate the power of propaganda.

Just don't show up on the day you're supposed to get your 'cancer vaccine' dude..that's how zombies are made.

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