Thursday, January 25, 2007

"The American Century as Seen Through a Brick"

Sorry to say, I missed the 10th anniversary of Infinite Jest. But Time Magazine didn't.

So far I have recommended this book to three people. One of them read it in about 6 weeks, though I think it took him 3 to read the first 100 pages. He loved it. Another gave up after an undisclosed amount of time, and recently told me it was pretentious, unreadable, and written for faux-intellectuals like me (I don't think he liked it. or likes me, for that matter). The third is about a quarter of the way through after, umm, 9 months now.

So I'm not recommending it to anyone anymore. Those who will get it will eventually find it. As for me, I will likely read it again. Sometime around the Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad.



Gleemonex said...

Well, I guess I'm a pretentious pseudo-intellectual too, then ... I read it one fine unemployed summer -- summer of 1998, as I recall -- and it was one of the best books I'll never read again. I do look up certain sections now and again, and I eschew numerical dates for corporate-named years ... let me know if you're ever up for a good game of Eschaton.

Anonymous said...

I've had it recommended to me before (by someone I trust ro recommend good books), but I always seem to forget about it each time I'm at the Half-Priced. Maybe next time.