Tuesday, January 9, 2007

"liberal" is now a four letter word

Not to harp too much on our friends over at Liberal Lean, but that blog does attract some questionable posters.

And also, not to pick on this one person specifically, who apparently has enough intelligence to post to a blog, and yet does not apparently have the requisite brainpower to read what he/she just wrote before hitting "publish", BUT:

If you call an entire group of people names in the first clause of your first sentence, do not then continue on with your post to make a diatribe with the goal of pointing out that said group of people should not engage in name-calling. This, oh internets, is what might, possibly, conceivably, be referred to in some circles as "hypocrisy".

But that's not what I really want to call attention to. What I really want to diatribe about myownself is that the word "liberal" is not a fucking slur, however much you really really want it to be.

Let's get this straight for all the dullards who are capable of clicking their mouses and typing on their keyboards without bothering to use their FoxNews-soaked brain-like organs: "liberal" when used as a noun refers to someone of liberal (adjectival) principles. And "liberal" when used adjectivally means "favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties."

For those who can read and understand the English language, the above definition describes your humble author just about perfectly. In other words, you can call me "liberal" all day long and I won't take offense, even if you want me to. I am, without any doubt, "favorable to... concepts of maximum individual freedom". And you mean that as an insult??? You might as well call me a "freedomist". So-fucking-what. That's a BAD thing now? I don't take offense to being called that, but if you believe that that is a bad thing, then: Get your sorry ass out of my country. Immediately.


Gleemonex said...

High five and amen to that, broseph.

comment4U said...

Rock on, Freedomist! =)