Friday, January 26, 2007

Top 10 things I learned in College

10. You are not -- I repeat NOT -- entitled to anything. At all.

9. Dishes and clothes do not wash themselves.

8. Ramen noodles are a legitimate source of nourishment.

7. Gay people are not a myth.

6. The kind of car you drive is not, in the whole scheme of things, really all that important.

5. A mullet does not make you a rebel.

4. "Rent" is not just a broadway musical.

3. Kegs are really pretty simple to obtain. And just because 5 people can drain one in a single night doesn't mean they should.

2. The population of the world is rather large, and therefore it does actually contain more than 5 smart people.

1. Girls who didn't grow up in a small town populated almost exclusively with Baptists are, in a word, easy.


Kingfish said...

I think Logan should write a philosophy book and you should be the editor as well as the principal subject. RL could write the forward.

Kingfish said...

In fact, I think we should list all the things we learned from Logan such as,

"Smoking makes friends"
"The Keystone Lite tallboy nutrition plan"

Just to name a few.