Saturday, January 26, 2008

Help! My virgin eyes, they're melting!

Apparently FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate is no better (and possibly worse) than disgraced ex-FCC Chairman, and all-around fucktard, Michael Powell.

Tate -- a 60ish year old virgin (and mother of 3) -- has levied a fine of $1.43M against ABC television for airing an image of a female buttocks 5 years ago during an episode of NYPD Blue. According to Tate, a buttocks is both a "sexual organ" and an "excretory organ".

How to begin? I think most anatomy experts (or, you know, people, in general) would object to any assertion that the buttocks have an "excretory" function. Isn't a buttock a big muscle (usually lined with fatty tissues) covered by skin, having the primary "function" of directing leg movement? (And is it really even an "organ"?) On the other hand, the anus is a body part (again, not sure if you'd call it an "organ", but I guess maybe it is) with an "excretory function". But they didn't show an anus, now did they?

So, really, I think most normal people, using the English language in a normal way, would agree that the buttocks is (are?) not "excretory" in nature. But is a buttocks sexual? Well, I have a pretty vivid imagination when it comes to sex (as does, apparently Ms Tate, which you soooo wouldn't guess by looking at her shrewish bio picture), so I can understand how a buttocks could be used during sex. Much the same way the thighs or someone's hand might be used. But is its "function" sexual? I think not. And again, an anus might be said to have a more direct connection to sex (but only for perverts, of course), but NYPD Blue did not, thankfully, portray an image of an anus.

What we have here is a repressed old hag foisting her ridiculous twisted repressed personal views onto a teevee viewing public numbering in the hundreds of millions. Does she get lots of high-fives when she attends her repressive hick town Baptist church, there in Tennessee? You know, something like: "Good going Deb, way to keep those sexually excreting buttock flanks off of my teevee! While you're at it, maybe you can get CSI to stop showing pictures of murdered corpses too. They make me so damn horny!"

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Gleemonex said...

Oh my god, that last part made me laugh so hard!

Let's all war burqas and be done with it. GOD!