Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Am Legend

<* contains some mild spoilers *>

Just saw this movie. I wasn't too impressed by the second half of the story (really, the whole second half of the movie), or the action, or some other aspects.

But, the scenes of deserted Manhattan were so impressive that it makes the whole thing worthwhile. The way it depicts Will Smith having been there, (almost) completely alone, for three years, is really thought-provoking.

The place he picks to live is just off Washington Square, which is an interesting choice. The movie makes it clear that Smith has been systematically looting surrounding apartments and businesses in search of useful items. Though the film neatly doesn't call attention to it, Smith has a number of priceless works of art hanging throughout his apartment, presumably looted from the Met. I spotted a couple of Van Goghs and a Rembrandt. Also, one of his pastimes apparently is hitting buckets of golf balls off the wing of a jet parked on the deck of an aircraft carrier moored in the harbor. Stuff like this is pretty cool. Now, if I can only figure out a way to facilitate the death of the other 6 billion and some odd people on the planet...

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Gleemonex said...

This is why I love The Stand so much! I would, of course, be one of the survivors of the plague.