Saturday, January 26, 2008

Luxury dorms

Princeton has just finished building a "residence facility" which cost $388,571 per room. I don't care what Princeton chooses to spend its money on, but I do think they need to come up with a more appropriate name. Dormitory doesn't seem to cover it. Maybe "Education Palace", or "Sumptuous Learning Resort".

I'm picturing the set-up like they had in Back to School (only without Oingo Boingo).


proletariat said...

When I was last in New York, I checked the real estate rags for prices for Park Avenue apartments. I think the cheapest I found was like 900 sq ft for about $350,000.

So $388,000 for a dorm room seems about right for the Princeton elite. It isn't like they spend this every year, and annualized over 10 years that isn't so bad.

Also, it is about on par for what taxpayers spend to build a jail cell in our federal prisons, which is where most of their MBAs will end up ;)

I always thought the super rich stayed in "Private" dorms that regular folk couldn't get into. I mean harder to get into the dorm than getting in to Princeton.

Oh yeah, and Princeton *charges* students dorm fees. I bet it is something like $60,000/year or so to get a room in this dorm.

I just wish they'd stop poaching my tax dollars.

Gleemonex said...

holy BALLS. Princeton sucks!

--Columbia '96