Thursday, August 7, 2008

3+ hours of my life I'll never get back

To the question "David Lynch: genius or fraud?" I've always tended to come down on the genius side. I liked Twin Peaks, and Mulholland Drive is one of my favorite all-time movies.

But that was before I watched the steaming pile known as Inland Empire. Looking back on the experience, I find it hard to believe I stayed with it until the end. Utterly incomprehensible, and barely interesting even during brief highlights.

Hey, I know what: let's film a bunch of actors doing a bunch of dialog in a bunch of different languages in a bunch of different costumes in a bunch of different scenes in a bunch of different settings with a bunch of sucky lighting with a bunch of really crappy cameras that I just bought down at Fry's, and when we're done filming all this crap, we'll cut it up into 3 minute segments, mix the strips of film in a giant hopper, spin the thing around real good, pull the strips of film out at random, and splice them all together into 3 hours worth of craptastic crapola. Sound good? Ok, I'll bring the 'shrooms.


Gleemonex said...

At the risk of becoming a problem commenter (heh) -- DUDE. Big David Lynch fan here -- or rather, Lynch Lite (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive) -- but Mr. Gleemonex and I had to turn this shit OFF after about 20 minutes. Steaming pile indeed. I have this compulsion to finish movies, even if they're crap, and have stopped maybe three in my life -- and this is one of them. Hooooooooooly shit was it bad.

HHL said...

silly me, I kept thinking there'd be a payoff. like, David Lynch won't be THAT much of an asshole, surely.

but no payoff ever came.

I tell ya what I'd pay money to see. if somebody could get Mr. Lynch into a maximum security detox center for a few months, then escort him directly to a big stage where he would then be forced at gunpoint to storyboard this movie and explain in detail exactly wtf he thinks is going on, what exactly the plot is, who these f'ing characters are, etc.

but having watched 45 minutes or so of his "commentary" interview in the special features of Eraserhead... I sincerely doubt he would be able to make any headway in such an explication, even after a thorough detox.

yeah, i'm still pissed.