Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Global War on Poppies

This is like an absurdist parody of imperialism gone crazily, irredeemably off the tracks.

The New York Times tells me that the U.S. military is sending 20,000 soldiers on a mission to violently obstruct Afghans from planting and harvesting their crops.

This is exactly the role our founders imagined for our federal government: sending thousands of soldiers to the other side of the planet to engage in a bloody struggle against flowers and the farmers who grow them.


Anonymous said...

"we are not here to fuck with their livelihood."-Sgt. Colbert US Marines First Recon

Marines, Kill on 3.

Gleemonex said...

Well, we've been making war on a fucking WEED here in the US for nearly 100 years, so there is precedent.