Monday, March 19, 2007

Iraqi public opinion a tad schizophrenic?

According to a BBC opinion poll (as reported in the here), a majority of Iraqis (51%) support politically motivated attacks on British and U.S. forces.

Ok... but then also, only 35% want the British and U.S. to withdraw their forces, while a solid 63% want the forces to remain until "security [is] restored." But, then again, 69% said the U.S. presence makes the violence worse.

What are we to make out of all of this? Either Iraqis have extremely mixed feelings about these issues, to the point of directly contradicting themselves, or the people conducting this poll had a difficult time explaining the questions properly. My money is on the former, and I think their mixed feelings are shared to a large degree by the American public and our elected representatives.

Quite simply, this is a classic example of a quagmire, with no good resolution anywhere within sight.

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