Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So, to sum up

...the post below, which, though it contains much useful information, appears to be rather disorganized and lacking a coherent point:

There is a "hydrocarbon law" pending before the Iraqi parliament.

This law would give western oil companies unprecedented access to Iraq's oil reserves.

The Bush administration, along with the U.S. military, is exerting tremendous pressure on the Iraqi Parliament to pass the law.

And, while this law may well turn out to be a good thing, overall, for Iraq...

Given the Bush administration's many intimate ties with Big Oil...

The whole thing is what you might call a bit fishy...

Especially in light of the fact that none of the many previous justifications for the invasion of Iraq have turned out to hold any water whatsoever.

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Gleemonex said...

No news coverage, indeed -- I'm on the Internets all day every day, and I hadn't heard of it. Thanks for both the presentation and the analysis; you make a great point about it maybe helping Iraq in the short term (infrastructure, management), but I'm inclined to believe the Iraqis are gonna get screwed six ways to Sunday by it, mostly because of who the critical actors are, and as far as tertiary benefits go, I doubt I'll see much of a dent in the $3.59 my corner gas station wants for a gallon of regular.

The main thing, though, is this: How does this law NOT prove definitively that Operation Desert Clusterfuck was and is about the oil?

[Hey, 'Berto -- you can go ahead and add this to my file. Getting thick, ain't it?]