Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Study: Alcohol, Tobacco more dangerous than illegal drugs

A recent study asserts that some legal drugs are more harmful to society than some illegal drugs (...duh?). It argues for the implementation of a less arbitrary and more scientific classification system to be used in criminal drug statutory schemes. (legislators to study: "make our drug laws less arbitrary? are you fucking high?")

The street drug known as "Ecstasy" was ranked near the bottom of all drugs in terms of harmfulness.

A guy I knew in college had what I would call a single-issue-platform when he was on one of his frequent benders. That is, he would continually and vociferously return to the subject of how Ecstasy should be mass produced by the government and handed out in pez dispensers to people across the world as a way of promoting peace and harmony among planetary humans of all religious, political, and socio-economic backgrounds. Weird dude.


Gleemonex said...

The problem with E, as I see it, is that users have told me it makes you just wanna love the universe, hug everyone in sight, etc. -- and this is a real problem for me, because I hate people. So, legal or not, I'll not be sampling from the Pez dispenser. ;-) However ... marijuana as a Schedule I substance (dangerous in all forms, high addictive potential, no possible therapeutic use) has long been a rancid boil on the American justice system. I was a drug-law reformer long before I ever saw a drug, mkay. My bet is, the drug laws will stay as they are as long as prosecution, incarceration, and illegal $$ kickbacks to enforcement agencies are more profitable than government-regulated production and sale would be. Sad, eh?

Anonymous said...

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