Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Eugene Robinson: Seer

He has a good guess on how Bush's administration will be remembered.

Starts like this:

George W. Bush, Hero of Albania! At least there's one place in the world where they show the Decider some love.

That was a wonderful reverse-Borat moment Sunday, with the joyous townspeople of Fushe Kruje yelling "Bushie! Bushie!" and Albania's prime minister gushing over the "greatest and most distinguished guest we have ever had in all times." The crowd pressed in for autographs, photographs, a presidential peck on the cheek. Years from now, in his dotage, Bushie will feel warm all over when he recalls those magical hours in Albania. How they adored him!

Outside of greater Tirana, however, the president's stock as an apostle of freedom continues to fall -- and rightly so.


Gleemonex said...

Good article ... the Albania incident reminds me -- have you seen the stuff making the rounds of the Internets in which it looks like someone kifed his wristwatch during a staged crowd pump-and-grin? Goddamn, that's hilarious.

On a more sober note, how sad that he can wade into a crowd of Albanians, but in America, we can't get within a half-mile of the skittish little fuck.

HHL said...

yeah, jon stewart had the best comment, along the lines of how come these guys can mob him and play grab-ass with him, but we can't even ask the guy QUESTIONS.