Friday, June 29, 2007

One of the All-Time Great

Photographs in the history of photography:

(click to enlarge!)

Even more poignant if you've read the Washington Post's recent series on "The Cheney", as the newest branch (the fourth, if you're keeping track) of our government is now being called.

By the way, I have some misgivings about posting this photo. A few notes:

1. By all means, please check out this photograph in its original context at the New York Times.

2. The copyright to this photo is owned (I presume) by either (or some contractually defined combination of): (a) the aforementioned New York Times, champion of liberty, stalwart of journalism, servant of democracy, mainstay of American values, and purveyor of the finest news and information service heretofore ever conceived by the mind of man (I am only partly kidding; I love the New York Times and what it represents), or (b) the renowned and excellent photographer Mr. Stephen Crowley, of whom, though I've never met the man, or indeed heard of him before today, it must be said: you, sir, are a genius.

3. As I of all people must certainly be aware, federal law provides for severe penalties for copyright infringement, both criminal and civil.

4. I trust that the New York Times and/or Stephen Crowley will most certainly apprehend that my posting of this photograph has not been undertaken by me for financial (or other) gain, or indeed any other nefarious purpose, but is done purely for the enlightenment of my readers (such as they are) and mankind in general, and, further, that both the New York Times and will
readily agree that this is a high and noble purpose (and therefore, will refrain from suing me or otherwise entering into recriminations against my person, financial resources, and/or credit rating).

5. And if the New York Times and/or Stephen Crowley, and/or its or his respective agents, representatives, heirs, or assigns would be so kind as to post an appropriate comment prior to undertaking any of the aforementioned suits or recriminations, I will then, in addition to feeling duly honored in attracting their august attention, immediately remove it with no hard feelings.


Gleemonex said...

LOVE. this. photo.

Good to know the stalwart old tree of constitutional democracy is still capable of growing a new branch now and then, eh? [pounds head against wall]

But I think your use of the photo -- especially since you've credited it properly and will make no profit from it -- falls under Fair Use. So you're safe. Except maybe from the extralegal maneuverings of Dick "L'etat, c'est moi" Cheney.

TXsharon said...

I too love that photograph. One of the best political photos ever.

I hope you hang in there on the Scooter thread over at LL. No body can slap those dumb f**kers around like you.