Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gremlins in the WH email system

You might've read about the "lost" emails of Karl Rove, et al, which were sought as part of the Alberto R "Judge" Gonzales fired-U.S. Attorneys inquiry. I don't need to detail my thoughts on this issue. Faithful readers of this blog (numbering 2, as of last count) will readily discern how I come down on the matter.

But check out my comment over on Balkinization. My apologies; I've been having some beers out on the patio, and I'm just giggling a bit at my own (perceived) cleverness. It's the second comment down.


TXsharon said...

Clever. Had to read it twice. How do they continue to get away with this crap?

Gleemonex said...

Txsharon, I wish I knew.

Rodrigo said...

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