Thursday, June 14, 2007


testing the blog post functions of the stupid slow and crappy treo 755p (supposedly the best device sold by sprint).

can I put a link?


appleboy said...

Nope, no link. Somebody's ready for an iPhone in 2 weeks... ;)

HHL said...

hmm, that link seems to work for me, but since the blogger toolbar thing doesn't show up on the screen, it was a bitch to put it in. i don't have the html tag stuff memorized, and i had to type it all in "from scratch" etc while looking at an html link on my computer screen. blah.

but anyway, i had pretty much decided against getting an iphone, based on the fact that it won't support 3G network, and thus data speeds will be limited. maybe you can advise me about this? the main thing i want out of my phone is good websurfing, including blog posting. i got the treo 755 to do a 30 day trial run, to see how fast the data speed was, and i have been very disappointed so far. if i'm going to take it back, i need to do so very soon.