Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Angry is the new Uppity

Last night I took a break from gorging on old BSG episodes to watch Across the Universe. This is an excellent movie, full of great scenes, and will be included in my sooner-or-later-to-be-published list of Most Underrated Movies. More on that at some indefinite future time. But for now:

On Tuesday Barack Obama gave a speech on race, in part to blunt widespread "criticism" of him in connection with well-publicized clips of his preacher friend, a Mr. Jeremiah Wright, speaking forcefully against injustices which, in Mr. Wright's perception, have been perpetrated against black people. (You can find plenty of commentary on Obama's speech elsewhere.) Of course, the Rush Limbaughs and Bill O'Reilleys of this world refuse to admit that any such injustices have ever occurred, or that if they did, they happened way back when, in the long long ago, and have now ceased to have any political or social relevance. And to speak on such issues is to "play the race card", or "race-bait", or to engage in "class warfare".

Which is bad enough. But when a very black person, like Mr. Wright, speaks of such things with a raised voice, and uses "foul language", and agitates loudly and unapologetically for action against these fake injustices, then it is not merely an impolitic offense to be condemned by all upstanding patriots everywhere, but rather it is an atrocity, a crime against nature, so awful that it apparently tars anyone within earshot and renders them unfit to be considered a citizen in good standing, much less to hold elected office in this great nation. So, surely, anyone who sits and listens to a deranged hatemonger such as Mr. Wright -- an Angry Black Man -- is himself an America-hater, a "dangerous radical" who is intent upon the destruction of our society and all it stands for.

Which brings me back to a scene in Across the Universe where a shop window television is showing a clip of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr giving a speech. He raises his voice. He is emotional, he is frustrated, and he is forcefully, volubly lashing out against injustices perpetrated against his black brothers and sisters. And yes, he is Angry. As we all should be. About a lot of things.


Anonymous said...

Nicely put. I thought the speech was amazing. Unfortunately, most of the public won't take the time to actually watch it and hear what he has to say. We're too busy with Americal Idle and Dancing with the Has-Beens.


Kingfish said...

THIS is HOW BAD IT IS....today I read on a message board some posters making fun of the anti-war protesters. One that happens to be a Republican muckety-muck in D.C. actually said that he wished that protesting was a FELONY.

As far as your comments, I just can't wrap my mind around the whole of the race problem. I think there are panderers, but I also know that there is complete historical and social injustices. Stomping, screaming, and invoking the responsibility of one's welfare on that of another just doesn't fly with me. What can be gained? Obama is hitched and what makes me finally respect him is that he acknowledges his pastor and doesn't instead sweep it away. That shows GREAT character even if it is detrimental at the polls.

If he is half the survivor the Clintons seem to be, he might be able to overcome this to get elected....and if he does, will he be the leader that takes action?

ANON-don't know if you intended to mispell the name of American Idol, but your name fits!

HHL said...

kingfish, I share your skepticism when it comes to "invoking the responsibility of one's welfare on that of another". but to pretend, as so many do, that racial injustices never existed or no longer exist is the height of dishonesty. (one need look no further than the enforcement of drug laws to find this.) which was really my point, rather than any agreement with whatever the Reverend's views might be as regards any kind of proposed solution or whatever.

i've mentioned my mixed feelings about obama, but right now he appears to be the country's best hope to undo -- to some degree, at least -- the massive harm that's been done by the current malfeasor-in-chief.

Gleemonex said...

I love all the talking heads trying to pretend racism is a thing of the past -- "you got your forty acres, now you're gonna bitch about the mule? you ungrateful, uppity negros!"

They prove my point for me with their own words, these idiots.

Denney Crane said...

Blinded by the blacklight.

You don't know a black racist when you see and hear one!

Gleemonex said...


Anonymous said...

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