Thursday, March 13, 2008

For the torture enthusiasts:

Via the excellent Scott Horton blogging at Harper's, Washington Monthly has devoted an entire issue to the subject of torture: No Torture, No Exceptions. It features an all-star cast of various writers (Democrats, Republicans, politicians, intelligence officials, etc.).

For those commenters on this blog who insist on getting on here and championing torture, you need to read some of these pieces and then come back here and stand up for torture. You can start with this one, by Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Neb):
We are in a war of ideas against a radical extremist ideology. Effective and aggressive intelligence operations are essential to our security. But in our effort to protect the nation, we must remember our greatest strength: the principles of human rights that we have upheld throughout our country's wars and conflicts. It is vital that the world can trust what we say and have confidence in what we do. There must be no doubt that this great nation does not torture.


[Torture] is not a way to keep America safe, or to build our influence for good in the world. Americans must not take the easy, morally ambiguous road. That is not who we are. The right path—at times the more difficult path—is the one that is paved with our principles and our values.

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