Friday, March 7, 2008

Race Card

Ok, so I'm taking some heat in comments about the last post. As I have tried to make clear in comments, I do not believe that all Wise County people are stupid and/or racists.

Though it is sometimes not obvious to outsiders, I think that the average intelligence of Wise County residents (excluding Newark) is roughly equivalent to the average intelligence of people who do not live in Wise County. Some are smart, some are dumb, but on average it's about the same as you'd find just about anywhere.

And as far as racism is concerned, certainly you will find racists there, just like you will find racists anywhere. I've lived in WC the better part of my life, and I know for certain that some people there are racists. On the other hand, there are a substantial majority of people there who are not.

The point I'm trying to make (which was the same thing suggested by Barry in this post) is that there has to be some explanation for why four three times as many Democratic primary voters in Wise County chose Clinton over Obama. As I may not have made clear enough in the original post, there is virtually no difference at all between these two candidates when it comes to substantive issues. Not on Iraq, not on health care, not on the economy. Any differences there are very very minor. So, it has to come down to something else, and I am open to any alternative explanations.

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