Thursday, September 11, 2008

'Member that time that you had all those babies? Huh? That was AWESOME!

The mag Foreign Policy has a list of twenty questions that Charles Gibson should ask Sarah Palin. A sampling:
(1) What’s the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite?
(2) In a broad and long-term sense, would you have responded differently to the attacks of 9/11?
(3) What's more important: securing Russia's cooperation on nuclear proliferation and Iran, or supporting Georgia's NATO bid? If Vladimir Putin called you on the phone and said, "It's one or the other," what would you tell him?
(4) What are your picks for the three most enlightening books written on foreign policy in the last five years?
(5) Which U.S. political thinkers, writers, and politicians would you enlist to advise you on matters of foreign policy and why?
(6) What is your preferred plan for peace between Israel and Palestine? A two state solution? What about Jerusalem?
Let me suggest that she would not be able to answer these questions in a suitable manner, even if given half a year sitting in front of The Google with a hotline to the State Department. Much less off the cuff.

Let me further suggest that Chuck Gibson will not ask any of these questions, or any like them. But you can be quite sure he will ask some form of the following questions:

(a) It is now well known that your beautiful daughter and her charming husband-to-be are expecting. Can you take us through the joy and wonderment you experienced on hearing the news that you're going to become a grandmother?

(b) You worked to fight corruption at the state and local level during your public service in Alaska, and you resisted wasteful federal spending in your state. Can you tell us a little about the knowledge and skills you brought to bear in this effort?

(c) You chose to bring a Down syndrome baby into this world. How rewarding has the experience been for you?

(d) As we've all seen, you have a wonderful family. How have you been able to successfully balance your public duties with your responsibilities as wife and a parent?

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Gleemonex said...

Pausing from bashing my head against the wall to admire your post title ... heh.