Friday, September 12, 2008

What's up, Chuck?

Well... it appears I owe Charlie Gibson somewhat of an apology. Judging from what I've seen so far, he actually asked some serious questions, and -- thus far at least, as there is still more to come -- no unserious ones. Props!

As for Sarah Palin, she was wobbly but seems to have at least not fallen flat on her face. Which, given the fact that 2 weeks ago she hadn't so much as even considered any of these issues, only proves that she has admirable college-style cramming skills, the ability to memorize and regurgitate.

I'm still not sure that the whole thing won't explode in a fiery blast of charred wingnut parts sometime prior to the election -- whether something ugly and obviously disqualifying emerging from her past (a la Eagleton) or from some horrendous gaffe that exposes her utter lack of knowledge, judgment, credibility, competence, etc. (a la Clayton Williams). But for now at least, the Palin phenomenon keeps trucking along relatively unabated. Despite, of course, its sheer absurdity and its challenges to our view of the universe as an orderly, rational place.

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