Friday, September 26, 2008

Sullivan uses flamethrower; Cafferty has shake-voice

Here's Andrew Sullivan's latest blistering attack on McCain/Palin: McCain is a lying liar and is responsible for the "legalization" of torture, and the nomination of Palin is "the worst act of political judgment in my lifetime."

Meanwhile, check out this clip of Jack Cafferty on CNN. He plays one of Palin's answers to Couric, and, while barely being able to control himself, sputters to Wolf Blitzer that in the decades he's been covering politics it is "one of the most pathetic pieces of tape i have ever seen... no excuse... pathetic".

Me, I'm all for Palin-FAIL, but I could barely watch her answer. Just too awful. As others have noted, it's like a Ricky Gervais skit, only more cringe-inducing and painful to sit through. I had to take my headphones off. Absolutely terrible. And the look on Couric's face near the end... it is obvious she's struggling as hard as she can not to close her eyes and put her hands over her ears.


Kingfish said...

You can see McCain and other "Rsholes" struggling in pain when asked to defend her. They know they fucked up.

"They" say this race is over, but I do not think so. Were fucked if the Retardiklans win. If McCain dies in office, she'll have the 7th fleet hunting for witches in Narnia or somesuch shite.

Gleemonex said...

Narnia! Awesome.

Couric is sitting there thinking "oh my FUCKING GOD, are you fucking kidding me with this shit?"