Friday, September 12, 2008

Run for your lives!!!

Via DailyKos (cuz for some reason I can't seem to find the direct link), comes the following from the National Weather Service:
All neighborhoods... and possibly entire coastal communities... will be inundated during high tide. Persons not heeding evacuation orders in single family one or two story homes will face certain death. Many residences of average construction directly on the coast will be destroyed. Widespread and devastating personal property damage is likely elsewhere. Vehicles left behind will likely be swept away. Numerous roads will be swamped... some may be washed away by the water. Entire flood prone coastal communities will be cutoff. Water levels may exceed 9 feet for more than a mile inland. Coastal residents in multi-story facilities risk being cutoff. Conditions will be worsened by battering waves. Such waves will exacerbate property damage... with massive destruction of homes... including those of block construction. Damage from beach erosion could take years to repair.
Umm.... "certain death"?! Wow.

And then I find this map, which -- if I can trust the color palate on my monitor -- appears to indicate that the entire SurburbaPlex is under a "Hurricane Warning". Folks, we are 300 miles inland.


Gleemonex said...

Jesus. That's ... extreme.

Anonymous said...

I think the SuburbaPlex is just under a Tropical Storm Wind Warning. maybe your color palette is off.

HHL said...

perhaps so. three of the colors were virtually indistinguishable.